I first learned about the PCT back when I was in the Boy Scouts and was first getting into backpacking, ever since then I have dreamt of one day taking up that adventure. Although I don’t currently have the freedom to take 5 months away from my family and work to do a thru-hike I like to romanticize about it by following thru-hikers on their journeys on the Pacific Crest Trail. Maybe one day I will have the time to do it in sections. Every spring I find a few thru-hikers to follow on Instagram and take part in their epic journey from northbound from Mexico to Canada. Here are some of the hikers I am following this year:

This dude is hiking to loose 200 pounds, he’s taking it slow and steady. He has a great heart and everyone is cheering him on. He came up on the #pct2019 feed way back in January, he was probably the first person to hit the trail this year. He post update videos on his youtube channel you can follow along.

She’s on a mission to be the first amputee to complete a thru-hike of the PCT! It’s awesome to watch her accomplish this goal, she’s had a few close calls along the way so far but she’s got a great attitude and has taken some great pics along the way. I am looking forward to cheering her on her quest.

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Mile 507 During a visit to LA to change out some gear, hikers that I had met before getting off texted me that most people were trying to skip forward from Idyllwild to avoid the snow and I followed their lead. I skipped ahead to Agua Dulce and headed north from there. The morning after I had started back on the trail the weather took a turn for the worse. It ended up raining that entire day and the third day held a mix of rain and snow at points. This was taken from the comfort of my tent this morning before bolting down to Hiker Town. I camped in the area right before the trail descended so I could enjoy the view of the valley below. Now, I sit in my little $10 cabin. I have stuffed myself with a burger and restocked on my essential snickers bars. The only bad part is that my camera might have some water damage as some buttons are not responding. My baby has been through far worse so I wasnt anticipating any problems but here it sits in an oven on low heat and I'm crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, chakras, and whatever else hoping that the camera will be ok. #pacificcresttrail #pct2019 #canon #sunrise #thruhike #optoutside ##mycanonstory

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Every year I find a photographer I like who is taking some awesome shots. This Guy, Kevin is the one of those great photographers to follow along this year. He bounced ahead to skip some of the early heavy snow but now he is into the thick of it.

For now that’s who I have been following directly so far. It is good to follow the hashtag of #pct2019 to keep up with all the hikers as they share their adventure with the world and take up the task of following the long and winding path of 2,650miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. I am sure there will be more to follow as more and more hikers hit the trail this spring and later in the summer there will be some southbound hikers to follow as well. Who are you following this year? Have you hiked the PCT? or dream of one day hiking it? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.