Many associate the word “Wander” with travel. While I do indeed like to travel I also like to wonder. I like to think of the two going hand-in-hand I wander to tickle my sense of wonder and wonder about wandering. I often find myself caught up in a day dream of wonder, or of possibilities that might or could have been. So for me, part of being a wanderer is getting lost in my inner wonderings. This translates to when I am out wandering, I see a hill, a group of rocks, buildings, people, animals and wonder…what’s over there? Let’s go find out!

I like to coin this sense and “Wanderment” yeah I know it’s not a word but people make up words all the time and well, I just made that up. Trademark jMacTheWanderer! Now don’t get me wrong I love to travel and experience new things, push myself to try something new and discover something for the first time. But the one thing I do enjoy the  most about being an intelligent mammal is getting lost in my own thoughts, going down an endless rabbit hole of thought then clawing my way back. Sort of what it is like to try to remember a dream you had the morning after and re-creating it in your mind.

Another thing that I like to wonder about in my wanderings is the planning and preparations to go wandering. Planning for a trip and preparing for it is one of the things I enjoy most about travel, coming up with the equipment and supplies I will need for a trip or outing and then going on that outing having prepared exactly for it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. Try it sometime it will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. Does this lead to sometimes over-packing, yes but sometimes you’ve got to be prepared for the unexpected and if that unexpected thing comes up and you are properly prepared for it then hot damn that is a great feeling of knowing you were prepared exactly for it!

I would have to say I’ve been this way pretty much my entire life. When I was younger we had this big world atlas board book and I would open up and stare at all the time, looking at all the countries and regions across the globe, wondering how far they were away or how long it would take to get there. When we would be on a family road trip I would be sitting in back looking at the road atlas see what lied ahead of us, what would be there when we got there and how long it would take to get there. I constantly read road signs and mile markers. I still do this to this day, drives my wife nuts that I read out road signs when we are on the freeway. Whenever we are planning to go somewhere I will study it in google maps or google earth, look to see what’s around and how would we get there.

Do you consider yourself a Wanderer? Do you think I am crazy person who confuses Wander and Wonder? Trust me I have heard it before. Leave a comment and share your sense of wonderment.

Remember to always be looking up!